Gallery UFFO

The UFFO Gallery is part of a unique multifunctional cultural space - the social center UFFO Trutnov, which is exceptional both for its architectural form and, above all, for the wide range of variants of the layout of the main hall.

The gallery itself is a generous architectural space , which differs from classic exhibition interiors. The exhibition area covers 300 m2, it is framed by the glass surface of the building from the front and sides, and is enclosed by an arched wall from the inside. Thanks to this, the gallery space is airy and transparent. The gallery is located on the first floor and is connected to the ground floor and basement by a staircase and an elevator. It is conceived as a public space that people visit not only as a classic gallery, but also as part of theater performances, concerts and other cultural and social events. Visitors to exhibitions, as well as all other events of the UFFO center, have a pleasant place to sit in the cafe. There are underground garages and cloakrooms in the basement. Thanks to this connection, the interior is accessible and barrier-free.
UFFO presents visitors with a varied, high-quality and surprising program in its premises, which is intended to prepare people for an experience. What distinguishes UFFO from the focus of a number of other cultural institutions is the pursuit of dramaturgical originality. In other words, we stand for those artists who UFFO inspires, who feel good about their productions here. Whether in the field of theatre, music or visual arts. In this way, the genius loci of Uffa is created, and at the same time the awareness of the UFFO phenomenon on the Czech cultural scene is expanded. The focus of the gallery also fits into this program concept. An interesting confrontation surface is created here, which is as if created for the presentation of current artistic trends, through new media, installations to design and architecture.

The concept of exhibition projects consists in the presentation of contemporary art, the selection of authors is focused on the young generation, on recognized personalities from the Czech art society and on authors from abroad.