Sticking up posters

Poster display mode

Placing posters in Trutnov is permitted exclusively through the platting service. This service is authorized by a authorized to operate only the Social Center of Trutnovska for culture and leisure.

Specific poster areas are reserved for the display of posters. Due to limited capacity posters areas, please supply posters exclusively in portrait format!
Cleaning is carried out regularly once a week on Monday - if it is a working day. In case of operational need and according to of the capacity of the poster areas, SCT carries out pick-up twice a week, the second day for pick-up is Thursday. The one who requests a coating, he is obliged to deliver promotional materials always together with the coating order so that the SCT received no later than the working day before the delivery date.
Posters are pasted for a maximum of 2 weeks. In July and August, posters will be put up only on Mondays. From the beginning of September, there will be days of display again Monday and Thursday.


A1 size 60 CZK
A2 size 45 CZK
A3 size 35 CZK
A4 size 30 CZK
stickers 30 CZK
The price is for the display of 1 piece of poster for each started week.
The price does not include 21% VAT.
A total of 27 sticker areas are available.

Extraordinary display (outside display days): CZK 2,000 + 21% VAT to the price of a standard display

Reception of a poster for display

Inforeception UFFO

8:00-18:00 hours
8:00-16:00 hours
8:00-14:00 hours
phone: 499 300 999

Promotional materials for the coating can also be delivered by post to the address: Social center Trutnovska for culture and leisure, decoration service, náměstí Republiky 999, 541 01 Trutnov.

Due to the limited capacity of decal surfaces, we ask that posters be delivered exclusively in the na format height! SCT does not guarantee that all accepted posters will be posted. In this case, the invoice will be based on the actual situation. Furthermore, SCT can reject materials for plastering due to their inappropriate content and in case there is no plastering possible due to the filled capacity of the poster areas.

The order must contain the following information:

Trutnovska Social Center for Culture and Leisure
náměstí Republiky 999, 541 01 Trutnov
ID: 72049537 Tax identification number: CZ72049537

  • The name or business name of the person ordering the poster display, including the billing address. In the case of physical i of legal entities also IČO.
  • Poster data: name of the event, number of pieces and size of the poster.
  • Demand for plastering time - deadline.
  • Alternatively, contact the person handling the order by phone.


In case of unauthorized (so-called black) plastering on the plastering surfaces, the posters pasted in this way will be removed. Regardless a penalty invoice in the amount of CZK 2,000 will be issued for the duration of the plastering, the number and size of the posters.