Theater subscription

Why theater subscription?

  • Subscribers are guaranteed a permanent seat in the auditorium of the exclusive Uffa space for the entire theater season.

  • Subscribers save money, as the subscription price is up to 30% lower than the sum of ticket prices for individual performances.

Seat layout (ground floor/balcony)

  1. ground floor section: rows 1 - 8
  2. ground floor section: row 9 - 12. balcony, row 1 , seats 6 - 29
  3. balcony section (except row 1, seats 6 - 29)< /li>
    • Detailed information on all productions in individual subscription groups, subscription prices and more interesting information can be found in the offer bulletin.

Sale of season tickets for the 2024/2025 season

Existing subscribers who want to keep their seats and extend their subscription can do so from 5. 6. to 30. 6. in two ways: online or at the UFFO Inforeception. Bulletin in electronic form, dates performances and information will be sent traditionally by e-mail to all subscribers.

The subscriber continues to pay after paying the subscription, there is no need to change it. New subscribers can purchase season tickets for the new season from 10 July to 8 September, online at or at the UFFO Inforeception.

The bulletin in electronic form, performance dates and information can be sent by e-mail.

Inforeception UFFO

presale of tickets, season tickets phone: 499 300 999

Adéla Šmat

production, theatrical subscription phone: 778 771 723
You can download the 2024/2025 Theater Subscription BULLETIN HERE.

Programs of individual subscribers